The Digital Economy

Unleash money and the potential for
humanity to do good.

We are active investors of fundamental technologies that underpin the digital economy.

Fundamental Technologies

We seek and support technologies that are scalable, meaningfully useful to people, or have a direct positive impact on the earth. We can help these technologies attain mass user adoption.

The Metaverse

A highly immersive world, where people gather to play, socialize and work is the transformative medium in which we can make real-world positive change.  We aim to not simply roll out video games for entertainment, but change such things as how businesses transact, build workforces, and have meaningful positive impact on the environment.

Uncommon and Access 

We possess technologies that allow us to have an uncommon understanding of and access to the investments that are at the root of the exploding digital economy.

Real-World Effect

NUE Digital Capital supports fundamental technologies that enable digital assets to become useful in the real world, can scale the digital revolution and impact societies.


This is NOT your average crypto fund.